If this were real, would you buy it? Motorola RAZR V4 Concept VIDEO

If this were real, would you buy it? Motorola RAZR V4 Concept

If you look at the history of smartphones there are few smartphone which evolved as a brand icon and could be said as a legend of its time. The Motorola RAZR series were definitely one among such device, with its unique fashionable clam shell design Razr became identified as a “fashion” product and an iconic cell phone in the late 2000s.  Now Fast forward to 2018 just a  few days ago at MWC 2018 Lenovo CEO  Yang Yuanqing hinted  that they are indeed bringing Moto Razr back ,He also hinted towards Motorola’s focus on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months. This could mean they are working on an new generation of Razr smartphone with a foldable design ,and remember Lenovo has been working on foldable display tech for years now and they have even demonstrated several prototype versions of it in the past, so it higly likely that we would get such a device very soon.

Taking this news as inspiration we have designed a concept of the next gen Razr smartphone,we call it the Motorola RAZR V4. Here we have created this design based on the RAZR V3 design modifying to suit the new generation smartphones of 2018  and of course with foldable display design. Our Motorola RAZR V4 concept has 3 display design one 6inch primary fordable display , one 2.5inch exterior display to use in folded mode, and a 0.75inch multipurpose display with integrated fingerprint scanner.   This small display can also adapt to the user interface and apps providing shortcuts to most important functions. Like in the messaging application the small display would show the smiley for the easy access. Check our Motorola RAZR V4 concept in the video below.

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Source: techconfigurations

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