8 Simple and cool life hacks that make your Smartphone life easier and more..

Make your life easy with these life hacks. We collect 8 simple and cool life hacks that works with your Smartphone, tablet and laptop.

If you wanna try some cool things in your life , learn these life hacks and believe me guys you learn lots of new things from these life hacks.

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Black Wallpaper in Smartphone Can Save your Battery

Charge your smartphone while in airplane mode if you need it to recharge faster

Amplify The Sound Of Music From This Smartphone Speaker

Make A Smartphone Stand From Hair Clip

Test battery easily by dropping it few inches from the ground. A fully charged battery bounces very little, whereas a dead battery bounces around.

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Solve Math Problems From Just Taking Picture from Camera, Download Photomath App for Android and iPhone

Put Egg Crate Underneath Your Laptop For Cooling It Down Quickly

Use wall hooks to attach Tablet/iPad to the wall.

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