How to charge and increase the Battery life of your Smartphone.

4 Tips to Charge And Increase Battery Life of your Smartphone:

The most common problem nowadays regarding smartphones is the battery life of the device. Even if you charge your device fully it is not sufficient. So people are now preferring the phones which have better battery life and gets charge faster. The fact is completely true that the battery life starts to deteriorate after a certain period of time and you start to search for an alternative to increase  battery life of your phone.


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1.Charge your phone in parts:

One of the most heard myths about charging is that you need to completely discharge and then completely charge your phone in order make your battery life more lasting. But, this a completely false myth. As modern smartphones have Li-ion batteries, it is not right to charge your phone in that manner. The most likely way to charge your phone is to charge your phone partially. Charge your phone partially helps Li-ion batteries in cell longevity. The voltage increases gradually as the phone starts charges as cell also start charging. But after around 70%, the current starts falling until the phone completely gets charged. When you charge at low voltages it is good for the battery life it increases the number of charging cycles available. Hence charging your phone between the range of 30-80 percent is well preferred because it keeps the voltage lower and increases the lifespan of the battery.

2.Avoid Idle Charging:

Most people have the habit of charging the phone all night so that when they go for work in the morning or anywhere they have their phone 100% charged. But the fact is that this is not a good habit to have. Continuously charging your phone battery fully can cause plating of metallic lithium which reduces the long battery life, reduces the stability of the device and can lead to system malfunctions and reboots. It makes an excess amount of heat after 100% charging if not discharged by wasted power dissipation which is very dangerous. Hence, avoiding idle charging will ultimately help to increase battery life.

3.Avoid Using Phone While Charging:

The main point to discuss on phone charging is the parasitic load. Parasitic load occurs when the battery starts draining significantly even at the time of charging because of watching a video or playing a game while charging. These loads are not good for battery life because they distort charging cycles and induce them into mini-cycles where battery cycle continuously deteriorates at faster rates than the rest of the cell. This puts higher voltage stress on batteries and heats up the battery. Switching off your phone while charging is the best way to avoid parasitic load. It does not make phone charge faster but it helps in avoiding parasitic loads. Never forget to unplug once you are done charging your phone.

4.Temperature is also Important:

Along with all the above-mentioned factors, the temperature is also an equally responsible factor in your battery longevity. Just like high voltages, high temperatures gives stress to the battery and makes lose its capacity very fast rather than when kept at lower temperatures. So to avoid this never charge your phone under a pillow at night or under anything, never charge your phone in your car on a hot day. Fast charging is a good option for charging your phone for 15 to 20 minutes but fast charging at night is quite dangerous as it produces high voltages which will ultimately heat up your battery.

These are the things which you should take care of while charging your phone.There also few other articles which can help you to increase the battery life. Hope this article was a helpful one to you.

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