Samsung was fined for “planned obsolescence” But, what exactly is?

Samsung was fined by Italian authorities for “planned obsolescence”


But, what exactly is “planned obsolescence” ?

Planned obsolescence is designed into a product, in order to encourage the client to buy the next upgrade.

A good example of this is a smartphone. Smartphones are often designed with only current technology in mind, despite the manufacturers knowledge of future technological developments.

For instance, a smartphone may have U S B / connection / jackplugs, that fit current phone, such as head set and laptops.

This means that the smartphone is not future proof. The manufacturer may already be working on updated smartphones, that connect using different sizes of U S B port / connection.

Although the current smartphone can be upgraded with software, eventually the old U S B / connection / jackplugs will make the phone obsolete.

The customer will need a new smartphone, even though there may be nothing wrong with his existing smartphone. The old smartphone becomes obsolete.

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 Samsung was fined by Italian authorities for “planned obsolescence” in slowing down smartphones, Samsung was hit with a $5.7 million fine.

Take a look of this video, they are talking about their point of view of the “planned obsolescence”.

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