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iPhone (2019): The Breakdown

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3 new iPhone’s expected in Sept 2019

Plus 2 other brand new iPhone’s.

  • Apple’s plan is unveil three new, upgraded phones in 2019, Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumors) has suggested that there may be an alternative roadmap.

3 rear-facing cameras on the 2019 iPhone

  • Cameras have always been a major focus of iPhone rumors, and now suggests that at least one of this year’s phones will have three rear-facing lenses.

The new iPhone battery will be able to charge wireless other devices S

  • Now that Apple has officially killed its Air Power wireless charging mat, we’ll have to make due with traditional methods for powering up our iPhone’s and Air-Pods at least until the next iPhone comes out.

New renders show iOS 13 in dark mode.

  • With a dearth of official news, and even of credible leaks, we’re left to sort through the renders — the output of imaginative minds with advanced Photoshop skills. 

The iPhone goes to USB-C in 2019

  • One of the longest-standing iPhone rumors concerns Apple making the jump to USB-C.

Apple sticks with LCD and OLED mix in 2019

  • Among the 3 iPhones Apple released in 2018, only the iPhone XR has an LCD display. The two higher-end models, the iPhone XS and XS Max, both use OLED panels that have higher resolutions and produce more vivid colors and images.

Apple will upgrade Face ID

  • Bloomberg’s report says that Apple’s forthcoming 3D camera – which may not be included on any 2019 phone – will drive an updated version of Face ID, that will extend the technology’s range, improve security and enable new AR capabilities.

New touchless gesture interface coming to future iPhones

  • Apple is working on a new way for users to interface with future editions of the iPhone. The “touchless gesture control” will let users interact with the phone without touching the screen.

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