Enemy Apps for your Android Smartphone. Tips to speed up your device
speed up your device tips

Removing these apps may speed up your device and have a safe and great lag-free experience.

We have been utilizing an Android Smartphones for a long time and have attempted pretty much every proposal on the web to speed it up and improve the Android experience. Since we have attempted nearly every  applications that has a large number of downloads on the Google Play Store, and have spent a ton hours trying different things with them, we can suggest the accompanying with incredible certainty.

Avoid to install apps that has the one or more of the following terms in its description:

  • RAM/ Memory Optimization
  • Memory booster
  • Battery Optimization
  • RAM Killer
  • Speed up
  • Battery Saver
  • CPU cooler
  • Task Manager/ Task Killer
  • Tune up
  • Any combination of the above

There are numerous extraordinary articles on the web that inform against the utilization with respect to any such applications and we have direct experience supporting that contention. Our cell phone became “significantly” faster and quit solidifying, slacking, and so forth once we uninstalled all such applications.

Here are some tips to speed up your device and have a safe and great lag-free Android experience:

  1. Do NOT install battery savers and memory boosters.
  2. Turn OFF all automatic updates, including OTA software, Google Play Store App, etc. You can update manually.
  3. Keep unknown sources OFF.
  4. Avoid real time antivirus apps. They are unnecessary and can often be the cause of device freezes and lags.
  5. On Android M onwards, you have control on your apps. Disable any app that need not start at boot and prevent running in the background. You can also disable internet access to apps if there is no reason why it should. Configure the permissions for the app individually, during installation itself.
  6. Home screen widgets to a minimum.
  7. Keep background refresh of apps and widgets for the longest duration.
  8. Uninstall apps that you don’t use.
  9. On rooted devices, you have even greater control over app behavior.

Hope this helps.

Have a great Android experience.

Source: quora


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