How to share your WhatsApp status on Facebook Stories

We will explain how to share your WhatsApp status on Facebook Stories, so that the publication you make in the WhatsApp version of the stories can automatically upload it to Facebook without having to repeat it. This is a new attempt to boost Facebook stories.

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The good news is that it is a simple process, and that you simply have to first create the status in WhatsApp and then easily share it on Facebook. However, to avoid any inconvenience we will explain step by step.

Share your WhatsApp status on Facebook

Let’s start creating a new WhatsApp status. To do this, in the application click on the label of States that have in the central part of the section menu. Once inside, start the creation of a new state by clicking on the button to add an update that is on the upper left, or on those for sharing text or photo as a state that is on the lower right.

To share a status as a Facebook story, you must have first published the status. Therefore, choose what you choose, now write a text or take a photo and, make the edits you want, publish it as a state in a conventional way and without having to do anything else for now.

Once it has been published. In the My Status section, click on the three-dot button to the right of the state you want to share . Doing so opens a menu, and in that menu you just have to click on the Share on Facebook option (2) that allows you in the third place. Sometimes you will see the option below the state itself without having to open the menu.

When you press the button, open the Facebook application, and in it you will go directly to the last step to share the photo of your WhatsApp status as a Facebook story. You can choose who you want to see the story at the bottom, and when you do, click on the Share button to post on Facebook.

And that’s it After doing this you will have shared the same photo or text that includes in your WhatsApp status as a Facebook story. In this way, if there is something important that you want them to have on both sites they do not have to write it or upload the photo twice, it will be enough with the share button.

We hope it has been useful, comment if it worked for you.


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