Beware of your WhatsApp groups: they could cause you to be expelled from the application

Mobile messaging is so integrated in our lives that it has long since replaced voice calls, because although these are essential at some times, asynchronous voice messages solve the ballot in many occasions. And among all the available options, one shines on its own merits: WhatsApp.

Have a smartphone to unlock?

So extended is the Facebook-owned app that has become a communications standard and, as with almost all standards, we rarely read its terms of use. Conditions that can make us run out of service forever, something that has recently surfaced due to a very bad joke that has been spent on an Asturian university group.

The power of uncontrolled groups uncontrolled

Rare is the WhatsApp user who does not belong to at least one group. Beyond the individual conversations, the groups offer a much greater interaction and are so easy to create and manage that their use only extends. Groups of relatives, friends, study groups or simply humorous groups. The new crowd chats that happen to the historic IRC and company.

But belonging to one of these groups can be a problem if it is massive enough not to have confidence with all its members. The reason: the conditions of use of WhatsApp and its zero tolerance with some very tricky and often illegal issues. This is the case of child pornography, which has led to 160 users from Asturias being expelled from WhatsApp.

The case in question has occurred in Asturias, as the newspaper El Comercio, specifically in a group of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Its 160 members saw how, due to a very bad joke, the name of the group ceased to be “Economy 1” to be called “Child Pornography.” Users who first noticed were unable to rectify it in time as a complaint had already been filed with WhatsApp.

Said and done. The complaint came to the company led by Zuckerberg who, applying the conditions clearly explained to all users, automatically expelled all members of the group from his service. Without more, 160 users without being able to access WhatsApp for the joke of one of them who, due to the timing of the name change and the complaint, more seems to have been intentional.

It is not the only case

The joke, which seems to be turning into something viral, continues to wreak havoc all over the planet. In Oviedo, for example, something similar happened a few days ago with the result of another 90 users expelled from the service. Again a change of group looking for a violation of the rules of WhatsApp and an automatic expulsion as a way to resolve this violation.

“Your X phone number is suspended on WhatsApp. Contact Support for help.”

Have a smartphone to unlock?

This is the message that users from all over the world do not stop receiving because in their groups the same joke is executed systematically. In some cases using the name “Child Pornography” in Spanish, in others changing the name of the group to “Child’s porn”.

But regardless of whether this is happening in regular user groups, the underlying problem is that WhatsApp has not yet provided a solution so that we are not invited to groups without permission. Knowing our number, and even entering it in WhatsApp randomly until we find a real one, we can be invited to any group with no choice but to leave it later. And if you are invited to a group of these once the complaint is active, goodbye to your WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo account that at the moment WhatsApp already works to allow us to choose who can and who cannot invite us to the groups. But at this precise moment there is no such option. So be very careful with the groups, both current and possible future groups, because the “joke” is costing many users who are now in need of claiming individually so that their accounts are returned. In principle they should reverse their situation but if they don’t get it, bye.


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