WhatsApp includes the fingerprint lock option on all Android devices.

The security option that allows you to block access to WhatsApp using the fingerprint had made its appearance in the iOS version thanks to the support of both Touch ID and Face ID.

Have a smartphone to unlock?

This feature was not available until now in bulk in the Android version – but for a beta that arrived in August – but those responsible for the service have confirmed that this option is already available for all Android-based mobile users.

The update will arrive gradually to all regions if you have not already done so to your device, and we explain how to activate it and what it is for.

More privacy for your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp blocking by fingerprint on Android poses a layer of security and privacy to access your conversations, something that will protect them from curious even when they have accessed your phone while it is unlocked.

Thus, when trying to launch the application, we will be asked to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock conversations, as if we were using a banking application such as those that have long since also implemented this mechanism.

As with iOS, the procedure to enable fingerprint blocking is very simple. Simply follow these steps (capture courtesy of José García Nieto, Xataka Android’s partner):

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Access the settings.
  • Select “Account.”
  • Click on “Fingerprint lock”.
  • Check the box “Unlock with fingerprint” and confirm your fingerprint.

From that moment on, the application will ask us how much time we want to work to be asked for that biometric authentication. We can choose three options: always be ordered (immediately), be ordered after one minute, or be ordered after 30 minutes.

WhatsApp biometric support on Android only supports the fingerprint. There is no option for facial recognition at the moment, something that for example prevents this function can be used in Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, curious.


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