You can now buy products directly from WhatsApp

Shops on WhatsApp: Small businesses are already offered to sell products from their catalog directly through WhatsApp Business

Have a smartphone to unlock?

For almost two years, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business, a new platform for companies that allowed them to communicate with their customers through this service.

Now he has taken another step in that option and has presented the catalogs for companies, a service that allows small companies to make their product catalog available to users so they can consult them and even buy them through WhatsApp.

Shopping on WhatsApp
The operation of these catalogs in WhatsApp Business means that small businesses can have a showcase inside WhatsApp, a store whose products not only allow the customer to know their characteristics, but also buy them there directly without having to access the physical store or the store on-line.

The objective is to try to save time and inconvenience for businesses that until now had to send photos and links of their products to their customers in a repetitive way: in this way that information will be available permanently in the “catalog” of the company .

Have a smartphone to unlock?

Customers also will not have to download the WhatsApp Business application to access that list of products, and navigation is designed precisely to make WhatsApp a sales channel for those businesses.

For now these catalogs are available on Android and iOS and the option has already been activated in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States. WhatsApp managers have also confirmed that “soon” will be available in the rest of the world.


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