Russian businessman recommends uninstalling WhatsApp from any device.

The founder of Telegram recommends uninstalling WhatsApp from any device.

Have a smartphone to unlock?

This Russian businessman believes that this messaging service owned by Facebook puts the information of the devices on which it is installed at risk.

The founder and executive director of Telegram, Pável Dúrov, says that people “must uninstall WhatsApp” from any device due to the continuous security vulnerabilities that afflict that messaging application.

This Russian businessman said in this way on a channel of his messenger service on November 20 and, after emphasizing that this week there was a new fault in WhatsApp, he recalled that in May he already “predicted” that in that company owned by Facebook security problems would appear “one after another”.

Dúrov stressed that WhatsApp poses a potential danger not only by putting the information that is shared at risk, but other data of the devices on which it is installed, because many cybercriminals “constantly” use this service as a kind of “horse of Troy “to get that information.

In this regard, this executive believes “extremely unlikely” that someone within that company can make “serious mistakes” in a “casual and regular” way that are “so convenient” for the use of surveillance programs and considers it very difficult to change their policies .

Have a smartphone to unlock?

Mass Vulnerabilities
WhatsApp sued the Israeli cyber surveillance company NSO Group at the end of October for carrying out an espionage campaign in 20 countries through its platform.

Earlier that month, a computer security specialist discovered a bug in the code of this program that would have exposed its users to data theft with the help of a malicious image file in GIF format.

In September, United Kingdom and USA They signed a treaty that would force that service and other social networks based in the United States to share encrypted messages from users suspected of criminal offenses with the British Police.

In addition, “an advanced cyber actor” infected the phones of an unknown number of WhatsApp users with sophisticated spyware only with a missed call through the application in mid-May.


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