The cell phone charge determines your mood

According to the researchers, the influence of the battery level determined the actions of the respondents.

With an icon that changes the number of brands according to their charge, with a text or with a percentage, the level of charge of a smartphone fulfills its function and warns the user when to plug in their equipment to replenish the autonomy of use.

Usually, a night cgarge is enough to face the daily routine between emails, WhatsApp chats and audios and social networks, among many other applications and services.

Have a smartphone to unlock?

If for some reason the day begins with an incomplete charge, we are likely to be aware of the battery level. And these types of situations condition users how to interpret time according to cell phone autonomy, according to a study by the Cass Business School of the University of London.

“People who had a full battery charge felt safer, confident in doing any task and going anywhere. However, those who had a phone with charging means or less experienced anxiety and disagreement in their state of encouragement, “said Thomas Robinson, author of the study based on interviews with passengers traveling through London.

According to the researchers, the influence of the load level determined the actions of the respondents, who estimated their distances and times of use according to the availability of a loading point.

As is often the case with car drivers, what can be done with each other as projectors if the fuel tank is full or what is left almost empty, smartphone users can also be restored by the level of cell phone charge.

“Those people who allow their equipment to be completely discharged are usually seen as unable to comply with a certain social norm that requires us to be connected. In turn, people who let their batteries run out as disorganized and inconsiderate, ”said Robinson.

Of course, not everyone can have these opinions if the cell phone does not reach the end of the day, which is common if the device is used intensively.


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