WhatsApp for Android already allows you to receive a call while you are in another

More than four years ago, voice calls came to the popular WhatsApp messaging service, but during all of them it only supported one call at a time. The app did not allow receiving a second call for another, until now.

In the last update of WhatsApp we see how the company announces in the news section that calls are already supported, which is not really true.

The “call waiting” of WhatsApp

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If we are on a call we can receive a second call. It will no longer communicate because the recipient is already talking. If we receive a new call, we will hear the typical call waiting beep during the conversation, and when we see the screen we will see that we have a new incoming call together with the options ‘Decline’ and ‘End and accept’.

The new option ‘End and accept’ is not a call on hold, since what you do is hang up the current call and accept the new call.

It does not put the first call on hold as announced by WhatApp although in the name of the action it is already clear that the current call will end to accept the new call.

We hope that WhatsApp really implements the call on hold in order to put a conversation on hold while accepting a second call, and when we hang up the second call, we return to the first.

Now it would be our turn to call the first person again to resume the conversation.


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